Two reasons to add epoxy flooring materials to your paved concrete garage floor

Posted on: 13 June 2022

If your garage floor is made of paved concrete, here are some reasons why you should have a paving contractor add a layer of epoxy flooring to this surface.

To protect the concrete

One reason to add epoxy resin flooring materials to your garage floor is that this upper layer will help to protect the concrete underneath it from damage. This is something worth noting if you keep your vehicles in your garage as, even though concrete is a strong material, cracks can still form in it when it's repeatedly exposed to the hefty weight of a vehicle.

Because floor surfaces made with epoxy resin usually have a greater compression strength than concrete, they're less likely to be damaged as a result of having heavy objects left on them. As such, if a paving contractor adds some epoxy materials to your garage floor, you'll probably find that you don't have to do as much repair work to the garage floor over the coming years, even if you park your vehicles on it every day. 

Having a garage floor that isn't prone to cracking or getting potholes will also help to protect the vehicles that you leave in this space, as there will be less chance of, for example, your car tyre getting torn as a result of you driving it over a jagged, cracked section of your garage floor.

To make this floor more attractive whilst still ensuring it remains robust

Another reason to get a paving contractor to add a layer of epoxy flooring materials to your concrete garage floor is that by doing so, you can make this floor more attractive-looking, without having to compromise on its level of robustness. Whilst a plain concrete floor can have a textured, dull appearance that is not particularly beautiful, epoxy flooring tends to have a smoother texture and usually reflects more light, which can give it a shiny, appealing and modern look.

If you were to try to achieve this glossy, smooth look by laying tiles in your garage, you might find that the floor looks good for a while but that its appearance deteriorates, due to the tiles not being robust enough to cope with the weight of your vehicles. However, as mentioned above, epoxy flooring is tough and so will stay looking good and continue to serve as a safe surface on which to leave your vehicles, whilst also greatly improving your garage floor's appearance.

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