Planning To Tile Your Pool? Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Opt For Glass Tiles

Posted on: 7 January 2016

 Tiles are a great way to make your swimming pool durable while at the same time adding functionality and style to it. However, note that not all swimming pool tiles are the same. There are ceramic tiles, natural tiles, and glass tiles to choose from. In this article, find out why glass tiles should be high up on your list when choosing which pool tiles to go with.

They are the latest trend in pool tiling

There is no doubt about it, glass tiles are all the rage when it comes to pool tiles today. They are the most stylish and are currently the trendiest pick in the industry. This is because ceramic tiles have been the norm in pool tiling for a long time. However, with the onset of glass tiles, most people are leaving the older and more common ceramic tiles for the unique and more fashionable glass. You can therefore easily make your pool stand out choosing glass tiles simply because they are the in thing.

Glass tiles are now available at lower prices

Initially, glass tiles were the preserve of high-end homes and commercial establishments such as spas and hotels. However, this exclusivity has dwindled over time due to increased production driven by high demand. The result is that glass tiles are now affordable for residential and low-end commercial properties. So while glass tiles may have been unattainable financially, now you can install them on your pool without breaking bank.

Glass tiles help to light up your pool

One other design advantage of glass tiles, apart from their great looks, is that they help to illuminate your pool. Light bounces off the glass surface all around your pool giving it the much-desired crystal appearance. If you install lighting on your pool, the glass tiles will further enhance the lighting to make your pool more visible at night. Clear glass tiles also reflect the sky to give your swimming pool a natural Mediterranean look.

Glass tiles are available in numerous designs

Last but not least, glass pool tiles are a great pick because they are available in many designs. You can find them in different colours, from clear to black and other colors in between such as green, blue and even red. You can also find a wide array of mixed blends, as well as patterned designs for water lines installation. With glass pool tiles, therefore, you are bound to get something that will fit your design needs.

Talk to a glass pool tiles supplier or contractor and find out which design of glass tiles is best for your pool.